SGS Play – Jesper Nielsen – Dramatic Theather Play – CWC 2017

I recently did my first act in a play, written and directed by Jesper Nielsen
I also did the editing in this video as well as composing the music running in the background. It was performed at CWC 2017. We had a great time and I am patiently looking forward to next year. … More SGS Play – Jesper Nielsen – Dramatic Theather Play – CWC 2017

Silver Girl

Silver Girl. Free Verse Poetry.
Written and performed by Samuel M. Bednarz.

“‘I sometimes feel like I’m being pretentious when I’m doing these. But the feelings are genuine. The words are real and it comes from a place of honesty.” – Samuel M. Bednarz

Find more works by this writer at: Silver Girl

Lise Andersen | Danish | Author Interview

Series/Format: Author Interview Host: Samuel Mork Bednarz Guest: Lise Andersen Language: Danish The SGS podcast is a weekly show where we discuss topics related to literature, art and the South Gate Society in general. We will feature authors, student’s teachers and mentors of all genres and classes. We will engage each other in interviews and … More Lise Andersen | Danish | Author Interview