Lise Andersen | Danish | Author Interview

Series/Format: Author Interview
Host: Samuel Mork Bednarz
Guest: Lise Andersen
Language: Danish

The SGS podcast is a weekly show where we discuss topics related to literature, art and the South Gate Society in general. We will feature authors, student’s teachers and mentors of all genres and classes. We will engage each other in interviews and table talks both casual and formal in a variety of formats. In the podcast, we will delve into literature not just in the technical sense but also in whatever way it might apply to real life or vice versa.

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This Podcast is brought to you by the South Gate Society School of Creative Writing.

The South Gate Society is a school for creative literature and art residing in northern Denmark in Europe. It’s a school for aspiring authors and writers of all genre and degrees to come study and work under professional classes by accredited authors such as the award-winning Danish author Sascha Christensen. The South Gate Society is also active in offering various courses in writing both at the school and online as well as hosting talks and interviewees with various authors and writers.

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