a Letter to America – Vote Bernie Sanders


socialismo-tpLadies and gentlemen, I am not holding back anything when I say that we are currently entrenched in what is probably one of the most important moments in US history. If not world history. It is no secret how much is at stake with the current election going on in America right now. With the primaries coming up. There are multiple names around the
table, but already it appears that Donald Trump of all people has got the republican nomination on lock-down. While Hillary is leading the democratic nomination with Bernie right behind her, giving up a good fight. I could talk about the other candidates as well. Ted Cruz. The recently dropped out Ben Carson. Kasich. But I would rather not. For it is chiefly the democratic primaries I concern myself with. Surely on the republican side, Trump has the upper hand. And while I am beyond convinced of the disaster he is as a person, let alone a president, looking at the republican alternatives it’s hard to say that I know of any reasonable alternative.

To be frank. It’s a little bit like having to pick between multiple brands of shit. Thus I couldn’t find the republican primaries more irrelevant at this point. But the democratic primaries however. Now that’s where you have a fight more than worth your participation. Bernie Sanders. Is by far. The greatest. Presidential candidate. America has had for as long as I can remember. He might possibly be the best president America has ever had. And in this dire time when America has turned into a plutocracy. Where the wall street bankers fuck the people over through fraud and get away with it. Where the wealth is unevenly distributed. Where the workers are abused by the system to the gain of the minority on top. In a time where America has taken economic anarchy and called it capitalism. Rest assured you need Bernie now more than ever. This is the perfect time for him. There could not possibly be a more important time for this man to take lead. That is why I write to you. To show you exactly what values he is proposing. And why you needn’t be worried or doubtful about the realism of his message. Let me start off by giving you the message straight.

Bernie sanders wants to:
01: Break up the big banks: (Due to their fraudulent behavior that in 2007 lead to the economic collapse. “If the banks are too big to fail. They are too big to exist” – Bernie Sanders 2016)
02: He wants to make education free and available for everyone.
03: He wants to give you a single-payer health care system: Meaning, that he wants to make health care available for everyone no matter if you can afford it or not.
04: He wants to end private prisons.
05: He wants to start working on improving our natural climate.
06: He wants to rebuild and improve the infrastructure of America: meaning, he wants to invest in American roads, public buildings and property.
07: He wants to take money out of American politics.

You look at this and then reflect on the fact that people in the media call Bernie a single issue candidate. Meaning that they think he is only running on one issue. And while it is true that he runs very heavily on the issue of taking on the bankers it is certainly not true that he only has one issue to run on as you can see plainly. But he is a candidate that runs on issues. If you will notice, every candidate talks about: “improving America”, “making America great again”, “doing good things” but they don’t specify what any of those mean. It is easy to say you want to improve. I would assume any candidate would want that. The real question is, how are you going to improve it. What is your idea for improving America? What does improvement mean to you? What does “great” mean to you?  And in that box Bernie sanders is not just the guy with the best ideas. He seems to be the only guy that has any ideas at all. Even Hillary keeps saying she will improve. Over and over. But how many plans has she laid out to do so? Bernie sanders on the other hand. You can’t get that guy to stop talking about his plans even if you tried.

Now then. You know what he wants to do. Now the question that is often asked is “is that even possible?” making education free for all. Yes, it definitely is. In fact, many other countries already have. In fact, America is the only advanced country that does not have a single-payer health system. But before I go on let me ask you this. Forget for the moment, whether or not it’s possible and ask yourself: assuming that it is possible. Should we do it? If it’s possible to give everyone the right to an education should we then do that? If yes, then we have to realize that this entire thing hangs on whether or not it’s possible. If no, then what kind of a batshit crazy asshat are you? So let’s look at countries that have actually done these things that Bernie is advocating. And let’s see if it actually works.

I am not American. In fact, I live in a social democracy. I live in Norway. We have both capitalistic values and socialistic values. In fact, for a social democracy to work, you need both. Capitalism builds wealth, while socialism distributes the wealth so as many as possible have a higher education and good health. Which leads not just to a bigger economy but to an economy that is distributed justly. Everything Bernie Sanders presents to you, is my reality. Socialism just means that the government works for the people. It means that some business is owned by the people. Not all but just the necessary once. The good things about capitalism is that you have a free market. Which gives everyone the opportunity to forge their own success.

But the problem is when you let people use publicly necessary organizations to make personal gains. For instance, when a prison is owned by a private company. This will result in that company wanting to make as much money as possible. They make money the more prisoners they have. So they imprison people for minor and sometimes false offenses. Because it’s no longer about right or wrong it is now about making a buck. That’s what we call “privatized prisons” or when a pharmaceutical company is owned and run by a private company. They take the medicine that people need and the more people need them the more expensive they make them so that they can make more money. Supply and demand might be a viable business ideology but when people are dying it’s hardly moral for a society to let that pass as expectable.

If a business is owned and run by the government/the people. Then the people can make sure that they always get the best opportunities and offers in order to hold the business stable but at the same time let the public have what they need. Stable society. Healthy society. Good, reasonable, just rules. And this does not mean by any stretch that all business need to be controlled by the government. It does not even mean that these businesses need to be controlled by the government but it does mean that there needs to be regulations in place to prohibit immoral behavior by these businesses. Private prisons should not profit off the number of people in their prisons.

In Norway we have a lot of oil. In response to this Norway made its own oil company called “Statoil.” Since the oil is in the land. And the land belongs to the people of Norway the resources belong to the people of Norway and nobody should be allowed to take, and sell those without our permission. That would be stealing. So what Norway did was unprecedented. We not only made our own oil company. We told the other companies that if they want to drill for oil in Norway they can do that. But we will tax them 70% on the return. This was outrageous at first. But they still came. And the logic is sound. It’s a little bit like McDonalds. McDonalds says “you can come and sell my burgers. And then you get to keep a small amount of the profit but the majority will go to the company because it is the company that owns the product. You are merely distributing our property.” Of course we are not going to tax every company 70% but when you sell our property then we have the right to get the majority of the profit. That’s just reasonable. In fact, when you think about it like that dare I say that 70% was too little?

Socialism is the idea that the people get to decide how we distribute the resources and how we are allowed to use those resources. To ensure that we have a stable economy. It is true that capitalism generates profit. And for this capitalism is very important, but socialism distributes it correctly and that’s why socialism is important also. In fact, you might think me a socialist but I am as much a capitalist as a socialist. If you were to put me down in the Soviet Union, I would be writing a letter to them about the importance of capitalism right now. But I am not in the Soviet Union. Today it is capitalism that has been exaggerated and allowed to run wild. And it has been a disaster.

Today the wall street bankers sell layers upon layers of shitty loans to unsuspecting Americans while lying to them about their stability. They lied and deceived their way through the system to make money. In 2007 this caused the economic collapse. And whether it is due to stupidity or evil they ended up sending you into a fall comparable to the great depression. Millions of Americans lost their homes. And their jobs. And most of them didn’t even have health insurance. If you are dying, you are left to die. If you are poor in a system where there are no jobs available for you then you are chanceless. If you are born a genius into a poor family that can’t give you the same opportunities as everyone else your abilities will be squandered in a soup kitchen, or on the streets. In drug wars and gang crime. Instead of going to school. Making a future for yourself and your family. All because you were born in the wrong place and the wrong time. You tell me we should not fix that if we can? You tell me that even if we can fix that we shouldn’t? And for what?
It is doable. I live in this system:

I pay ~26% tax (cap on 28%) and parents pay less. And for that I get:

Free health-care
Free education
One of the highest GDP’s in the world
Bigger tax refunds the more loan I have in the bank
8 hour working days
5 weeks paid vacation
Minimum pay
A decent pension fund
46 weeks of paid maternity leave

Norway is at the top of UN’s Human Development Index and Education Index. We also rank best in the world on child poverty.
We’ve ranked #1 in prosperity for 12 years.
Our neighbor Denmark is #1 in business.

And as Bernie showed even though you pay higher taxes you don’t have to pay any insurance which results in you making more money than you would without the high taxes because the system is just more economically productive than a system where everyone is trying to make a buck off you. Worst case, you have to pay a little higher taxes. But in Return you will ensure the future of all Americans. And you probably would end up making more money on top of that despite, or perhaps: because of the higher taxes.

Don’t tell me it’s not doable. I have been living this system for my entire life.
And Norway is small. Just think of what the US cold do as a social democracy. The strength and progress you would achieve as a nation, with your population. You would lift the bar for a whole continent. For the world. For this entire god damned planet.

And if you think we can’t do it because America is much bigger than Norway you could not be more wrong. First of all, where are your numbers on that? Cause I hear that a lot but I have never been shown the numbers to back it up. You have to compare percentages. But more importantly, there are bigger countries than Norway that has done these things. France, Canada, Germany. You mean to tell me that these countries can, but America can’t? What happened to the can-do spirit I once knew as the American dream? Was it all washed away by your own bias?

And yes, Socialism can be done wrong. Communism is a problem. But so can capitalism. Plutocracy is your exaggeration. The problem with Communism was not that the government was giving everyone a chance. It was partly the corrupt fascist way in which the people in government ran, but mostly it was a failure due to the fact that Communism didn’t just give everyone what they needed. They also took away everything they didn’t need. Meaning that people always had exactly what they needed to survive but never anything more. Nothing can be owned. It was a society with strict and oppressing forms of socialism paired with the complete absence of capitalism and nobody who is reasonable would ever advocate for that.

To give you an example of how the Soviet Union worked: You have all heard about Tetris? It’s one of the first video games. Hugely popular. Made by a guy named Alexey Pajitnov in the USSR (Soviet Union) in 1984. The game was a huge hit and he could have made himself a fortune of it. But he couldn’t get a patent on the product because in the Communist regime there was no suck thing as “intellectual property.” Everything you produced was owned by the state so in fact it was the Soviet Union that owned Tetris. The soviets tried to profit of the game, something they failed at miserably as they almost never enforced or collected any of the royalties and people pretty much started using the game all over without the rights to do so. Alexey Pajitnov could have been the world richest man. But instead the government took everything he owned.

This is why communism was a disaster for the working force. This is of course not what we need. This is why a free market capitalism is important. Everyone needs to be allowed to work for themselves. Build their own businesses and sell their own products. But we also need to ensure that these business do not abuse or take advantage of the people. So we need to make sure that even though we allow a free market we still regulate it. That’s why we need both socialism and capitalism and not one or the other but a balance thereof. It’s actually quite simple. Bernie Sanders. That’s all I’m saying.

It’s doable. It’s important. The rest of the world is counting on you to make the right decision. Go out and vote. Vote like you never have voted before.

Godspeed, and god bless America. God damn it.

2 thoughts on “a Letter to America – Vote Bernie Sanders

  1. Wow! I have nothing more to say. You are totally right. I live in Canada and I think, me too, that social democracy is one of the best political philosophy. Free healthcare, free education and help the real people, not only rich bankers. Thank you for your text and, like you said, Godbless America !
    – Sam

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