The Old lady and the Apple Tree.

Elisabeth put the cup down on the table for the third time without taking a sip. Sara took a sip for the fourth time without putting the cup down. And they both kept their eyes on the apple tree in the garden. Not losing it out of sight. Not if even for a second. “Nice weather” Elisabeth said. “It hasn’t changed” Sara responded as she gurgled down another sip of tea. Elisabeth picked the cup up again. Holding it in both hands as she stared at the tree. “Twelve apples today” she said. “Thirteen yesterday“ Sara responded taking another sip as they both stared at the apple tree.

“Maybe we should plant another one” Elisabeth suggested under her breath. Sara, though small in stature and old of age could sling her words off like bricks in catapults. “I know what to plant where and it’s not a three and it’s not in my garden” she said giving a long stare over at the house across the street. Elisabeth put the cup down again. Sara cleared her throat with another sip. The wind swooped down bringing with it the next five minutes. “Oh my. Will you look at that? It’s almost afternoon” Elisabeth said putting her wrinkled, fragile hands into her lap. “I know” Sara hissed. “Maybe they won’t come today” Elisabeth said picking up the cup, hiding behind it. “They will. So help me god. They will” Elisabeth stroked her fingers across the table brushing cookie crumbles off into the grass.

It was a clear blue summer breezes overhead. Elisabeth looked up into the sky and she came to think about her grandchildren. “suppose, we should go back inside. It’s getting cold I think” she said standing up brushing off her apron. “Sit down” Sara responded and she did. So fast, she could feel the arthritis in her toes. “No, Elisabeth. Today we sit. Today we stand. “Sara said taking yet another sip. At this point Elisabeth was sure Sara’s cup had never once gone bellow shoulder height the last fifteen minutes. Then, finally Sara put the cup down. “their coming” she giggled putting her hand under the table. Elisabeth took her first sip of tea with one hand. Covering her eyes with the other.

One thought on “The Old lady and the Apple Tree.

  1. “Elisabeth put the cup down on the table for the third time without taking a sip.”
    I love this sentence. It was such a nice way to show the reader how tense she is without actually outright telling us. Nicely done.

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