Murder Me

Just another spine under the steel wheels of the city transit. Just another part of everyday life in the concrete jungle. Man has become pray, hunted by the damn will of glass giants. … More Murder Me


Maybe she should just do it. You know? Maybe she should. She could. She knew she could. It might be just that easy. Maybe afterward she would be thinking how easy it was? The train howls as it swooshes through the city. A big guy is sleeping next to her. He does not look like much. Somehow she bewildered herself onto the idea of waking him up to ask for advice. But maybe she just wants an excuse to do what she wants to do. … More Independent

SGS Podcast – Ep07 – Interveiw – Poul Høllund Jensen

SGS Podcast: Episode: 07 Topic: Interveiw – Poul Høllund Jensen Host: Samuel Mork Bednarz Guest: Poul Høllund Jensen In this podcast we interview the poet Poul Høllund Jensen. You can purchase his works at the following sites: Newest Release:… Poul Høllund Jensen:… Webpage: The SGS podcast is a weekly show where we … More SGS Podcast – Ep07 – Interveiw – Poul Høllund Jensen