On “the Impossibilities of Language” by Beth Ann Fennelly

On “the Impossibilities of Language” by Beth Ann Fennelly
THE MYTH OF TRANSLATION (Page-94, the Practice of Creative Writing)

This piece makes me think about language and all thing suggest this is the purpose of the piece. Just look at the name for one thing. This poem; if I am allowed to say brings me knowledge, it grants me perspective and for this, I will love it like my only son. It wrestles with a concept in language I myself have been spending some time thinking about. It asks us to notice how language, sometimes fail to translate our thoughts and emotions. Sometimes our inner feelings are far more complex than our own language or even any language.

This is also portrayed in its rather beautiful illustration of how two languages say the same thing with very different emotions. It has been put to me before, this concept. I once heard it be referred to as «the dictionary of obscure sorrows». The list of what I cannot describe except in unsatisfactory terms of the unfit words I have at our disposal of common understanding. It is a sad truth that we are sometimes left to communicate with each other in what is often times and inferior way that leaves many things either unsaid or misinterpreted. In conclusion, what the piece teaches me is that we all speak at least two languages. The one from your mouth, and the one from your heart, and they are not always the same.

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