I <3 Pancakes


I like pancakes. I just like the way that they taste. And isn’t that just what I’m supposed to like? Things that taste nice? Why struggle for anything more than that. It has all I need in one small package. Fits in my hand even. Could eat it in a single bite if I wanted to. Could eat it with all kinds of things if I had to. It’s just pancakes. It is simple. It is not complicated like love or hate or goals or dreams their just delicious. And you know, if I can find a way to be happy with just “delicious” then wouldn’t I be the happiest person alive?

Pancakes are like, the greatest invention since the potato. And you can make vodka with potatoes so that says something about pancakes. My mom makes pancakes with potatoes. But that’s another story entirely.

I think the pancake revolution is coming. Actually It is. It’s coming fast. The second coming of the pancake revolution. People will be wearing them for clothes. Everybody will be getting their own pancake hats. Pancakes purses. Pancake cars. Pancake pancakes. Pancake ice cream even. Yea, you heard me. Ice cream with pancake flavor. I know right? Pancake alarm clocks; pancake teachers, and pancake students. Pancake schools even. I would not reject eating you if you were a pancake. So there’s that.

Whenever you are in trouble, just ask yourself. What would pancakes do?



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