Birds on a Branch

“It’s beautiful”
“isn’t it?”
neither of them had ever been up here before.
“Is that your house?”
“Yea! The white one by the end of the road”
“wow. The view is amazing”
“I come up here all the time” he brushed off some dust from the railing watching it disperse out into the air.

“Look how small everyone is,” he laughed as he pushed himself further to the right. Dangling his feet over the edge gave him an adrenaline rush. “Be careful” she grabbed his chest. “You worried about me Susan?” he grinned. “Shut up” she frowned avoiding eye contact.

“Hey is that your mom?”
“shit” Susan hid behind him.
“What are you doing?”
“if she sees me up here she is going to kill me”

Frank threw his feet around, turning his back to the drop. “Fly away with me Susan” he grabbed her. “You are such an idiot” she stepped backwards into the center of the platform pulling him with her. “I’m serious”

“your never serious”
“I am now”
“Right” she laughed.
“We could just, live up here. “
“You’re so dumb that your cute”
“who checks up here anyway?”
“you don’t think they check?”
“I wouldn’t”
“yea, no. I am pretty sure the French check their monuments from time to time”

“yes. Just in case someone decided to make a nest up here you mean?”
she poked his forehead. “What do you suggest we would eat? Birds?”
“why not?”
“I think the air is getting to you honey.”
“We could go fishing for birds”

Their chuckles rang off the steel beams, as they settled she grabbed his coat pushing him closer to her. He opened his arms and let her in. “I wish we could stay up here forever”
“one day, I’ll get us our own tower. “
She looked up at him.
“And from there we will rule the world.”
“and fish for birds”
“and fish for birds.”

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