a Wonder.

Are you there? Or are you not?

This question strokes my head allot.

Allot because I often wonder,

wonder if I have made a blunder.

Cause feelings sometimes strike like thunder,

and so I am left alone whit wonder.

A wonder I wonder, you are, and I wonder.

I wonder what you’re doing now,

I wonder where, I wonder how.

I wonder why and sometimes who,

spends their time along whit you

I wonder if you talk of me,

I wonder who your friends might be

I wonder if we sometimes meet,

when you shut your eyes, and fall asleep.

I wonder if you think of me,

I wonder what your kink might be,

I wonder of some, Well many a thing,

and wonder fills me when you sing.

But most of all, a wonder I wonder,

I wonder if you know you’re a wonder.

My wonder, my wonder

do you ever wonder?

Good thing this word called wonder

kind of a blunder still rhymes whit wonder

By: Samuel Mb

Read more at: Wattpad

“dodged that bullet”

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